Monday, July 30, 2012

That moment when you realize you should have wrapped your gift...

Yes. I gave a book as a gift. What can I say? I like to read, and there's always something homey about a house when you walk in and see books on a shelf.
I was seriously staring at my book while we were literally driving down the road to go to a wedding reception, wondering why on earth I didn't grab a gift bag on my way out the door?!? ... when suddenly I decided to go all "pintrest" on it.

I grabbed a brown napkin from my glove box while my husband looked on with interest. I think the napkin came from Burger King. lol.
Unfolding the napkin, I tore it in half and started twisting it to look like twine.

I had to untwist a bit of the end and wrap it in the other half of the napkin, and twisted it all together to make a long "twine".
Then I wrote a lil something on the inside of the book, wrapped the napkin/twine around it and tied it up!

No, its not fancy, and after I took the pic I readjusted the bow a bit to look a lil more presentable. But all in all, not bad.
Especially since it was a napkin from Burger King.
But hey; isn't it the thought that counts? :)

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